The Goddess
Shen Nu
DirectorWu Yonggang
CastLi Junpan, Keng Li, Ruan Lingyu, Zhang Zhizhi
Silent screen legend Ruan Ling-yu gives a fierce and tragic performance in her signature role as a wronged prostitute in Wu Yonggang's early classic of Golden Age Shanghai cinema.
An unnamed devoted mother sells herself by night on the streets of Shanghai in order to support herself and her infant son. When a gambler who calls himself "the Boss" strong-arms his way into becoming her pimp, she flees with her son and attempts to earn an honest living, but the Boss tracks her down and forces her back into prostitution. When her son reaches school age, she begins hiding away enough money to pay his tuition. Although her son is ostracized by other kids due to her profession, she takes great joy in providing an education and a potential better future for him. When the other parents want the boy expelled, a kindly principal fights to keep him in school. Meanwhile, the Boss finds her hidden cash, adding financial woes to the problems of social injustice.
Presented by Noah Cowan
2014 Screening Schedule
“THE GODDESS” (1934 feature film directed by Wu Yonggang)
Audience buzzZZ---
Runtime1:25 (85min)
****˝   Cinedie
****   IMDb
***˝   Sover
***˝   Combustiblecelluloid
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***   Searchmytrash
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