Frederick Wiseman Presents La Danse - Le Ballet De L'opera De Paris  [2009]
Frederick Wiseman Presents La Danse - Le Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris, Frederick Wiseman Presents La Danse – Le Ballet De L'opéra De Paris
DirectorFrederick Wiseman
In this veritable feast of a Mavericks session, documentary master Frederick Wiseman (Public Housing, Ballet, Titicut Follies) will present the North American premiere of his 160-minute film La Danse, followed by an extended conversation about this new work and his career. In La Danse, Wiseman allows us to observe multiple corners of the Paris Opera Ballet, from rehearsal studios to costume rooms to administrative offices. We get extensive access to choreographers as they work with dancers in both classical and modern styles. You needn’t be a dance aficionado to marvel at the beauty and athleticism on display.
2009 Screening Schedule
“FREDERICK WISEMAN PRESENTS LA DANSE - LE BALLET DE L'OPÉRA DE PARIS” (2009 feature documentary film directed by Frederick Wiseman)
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Runtime2:38 (158min)
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