Fire Song  [2015]
DirectorAdam Garnet Jones
CastMary Galloway, Harley Legarde-Beacham, Andrew Martin, Jennifer Podemski
One of the first films by a First Nations director to deal with two-spirited people, the thoughtful and moving debut feature by Adam Garnet Jones focuses on a young Anishinaabe man who is forced to choose between staying in his community or exploring the expanded possibilities of the world outside.
When a teenage girl commits suicide in a remote Northern Ontario Aboriginal community, it's up to her brother Shane to take care of their family. Shane was supposed to move to the city for university in the fall, and has been trying to convince his secret boyfriend to come with him, but now everything is uncertain. Torn between his responsibilities at home and the promise of freedom calling him to the city, circumstances take a turn for the worse and Shane has to choose between his family and his future.
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“FIRE SONG” (2015 feature film directed by Adam Garnet Jones)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:25 (85min)
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