A Few Hours Of Spring  [2012]
Quelques Heures De Printemps
DirectorStéphane Brizé
CastVincent Lindon, Emmanuelle Seigner, Hélène Vincent
Moving drama about a man just released from prison who is faced with a painful decision when his fatally ill mother determines that she wants to die with dignity.
The film centres on Alain (Lindon) who is released after 18 months in prison for trying to get 50kg of cannabis through customs in his lorry. Alain isn’t a common criminal, just a weary man. Prison was his way of escaping his dead-end life and being forgotten by the world.
He has no choice but to go back to live with his mother, Yvette (Vincent), a modest woman who has always been incapable of showing him the slightest affection. Suffering from terminal cancer, she would like to end her life with dignity in Switzerland, where a charity association will be by her side.
2012 Screening Schedule

“A FEW HOURS OF SPRING” (2012 feature film directed by Stéphane Brizé)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:49 (109min)
***˝   TheStar
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