Fat  [2013]
DirectorMark Phinney
CastCharlene Amoia, Jay Dugre, Ashley Lauren, Mel Rodriguez, Joanne Verbos
Comedian Mark Phinney makes his feature debut with this unflinchingly personal portrait of a life consumed by obesity, featuring a breakout tour-de-force turn from actor Melvin Rodriguez.
Addicted to food, and in bad health, Ken (Mel Rodriguez) is headed to an early grave. Despite advice from his friends, he is stubbornly set in his ways—but a chance encounter might just give him the motivation he needs. Based on Mark Phinney's own experiences and writings on the subject, Fat deals with food addiction in a gritty, authentic way, revealing the deep emotional roots of Ken’s struggles. Shot in Boston (and financed through crowdfunding), Fat peers into the darkness of depression and obesity, with no apologies.
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“FAT” (2013 feature film directed by Mark Phinney)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:25 (85min)
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