Dragon Inn
Long Men Kezhan / Dragon Gate Inn
DirectorKing Hu
CastYing Bai, Feng Hsu, Lingfeng Shangguan, Jun Shi, Chun Shih
A heroic trio of outlaw warriors square off against sinister assassins at an isolated desert inn, in this dazzlingly restored presentation of legendary director King Hu's wuxia classic.
It is the middle of the Ming dynasty, and the loyal Minister of Defence, Yu Qian, has been executed by the emperor’s chief eunuch, Cao Shaoqin. Yu’s children have been sentenced to exile, but as they travel toward the empire’s border, Cao dispatches his top agents to kill them.
he Eunuch of the Emperor has ordered the commander of his army condemned to death for betrayal and insurrection. The commander's family was was murdered to cut off his bloodline, but his two youngest, a son and a daughter, were expelled from the empire to the outlands in an attempt to draw out the commanders confidant and adviser. In order to complete the plan, the Eunuch sent his ultra-secret Black Arrow Troop to assassinate the two remaining children and the advisor. The ambush: to be carried out at the Inn Of Dragon's Gate at the border. The plans fail as journeymen of great swordsmanship turn up at the inn. From that point until the end of the flic many battles take place. This film is a masterpiece of martial arts swords-play and speaks the tune of "The Swordsman" and the "Zatoichi" films. A must see for fans of classic Asian cinema.
2014 Screening Schedule

“DRAGON INN” (1967 feature film directed by King Hu)
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Runtime1:51 (111min)
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