Docs: Conference Day #2  [2012]
The Last White Knight,
DirectorPatrick Reed, Paul Saltzman
CastRoméo Dallaire, Peter Raymont
Filmmaker Paul Saltzman (Prom Night in Mississippi) presents the world premiere of his latest work The Last White Knight. A former civil rights worker and 1960s activist, Saltzman returns to Mississippi to meet a man who once attacked him — Byron "Delay" De La Beckwith, son of the man convicted of murdering Medgar Evers — in this affecting documentary about racism, the South (new and old), and the possibilities of reconciliation.
Two panels, "Maximizing the Education Market" and "New Trends in Documentary Broadcasting," assemble experts to help filmmakers navigate different forms of distribution.
Director Patrick Reed (Triage), producer Peter Raymont and the general-turnedauthor and advocate Roméo Dallaire appear in person to present and discuss sections from their work-in-progress Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children, based on Dallaire’s book about child soldiers.
2-day pass to TIFF Docs Conference $99 starting Sept.2
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“DOCS: CONFERENCE DAY #2” (2012 presentation)
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Runtime7:30 (450min)
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