Il Divo  [2008]
Straordinaria Vita Di Giulio Andreotti
DirectorPaolo Sorrentino
CastToni Servillo
Giulio Andreotti (Toni Servillo) has been the alpha and omega of Italian politics. Unreachable and enigmatic, he hides behind a calculated semblance of normality. Seven times prime minister, 25 times minister, he was the man who held the fate of Italy in his hands for over half a century until the disconcerting accusations of involvement with the Mafia. Winner of the Jury Prize at Cannes 2008, Il Divo is an insightful, intensely political film that delves into the hidden character of one of the most powerful figures in the history of Italian politics.
2008 Screening Schedule
Scotiabank Theatre
[map]   1121F3

“IL DIVO” (2008 feature film directed by Paolo Sorrentino)
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CountryFrance, Italy
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