Deepa Mehta And Salman Rushdie  [2011]
Midnight's Children / Winds Of Change
DirectorDeepa Mehta
CastSalman Rushdie
Published in 1981, Salman Rushdie’s second novel, Midnight’s Children, which chronicles India’s transition from British colonialism to independence, won him the Booker Prize. The book then went on to become a perennial bestseller and the core of countless university courses on postcolonial literature.
For the past several years, Rushdie has been working with acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta on a film adaptation of Midnight’s Children. It is a challenging task, but Mehta has already proven herself fearless in bringing to the screen films such as Fire, Earth, Water and Heaven on Earth.
In this Mavericks conversation, Mehta and Rushdie will discuss bringing the story from page to screen. Having just finished shooting Midnight’s Children this summer in Sri Lanka, Mehta will also offer a sneak peek at scenes from the film.
Presented by Cameron Bailey
“DEEPA MEHTA AND SALMAN RUSHDIE” (2011 feature film directed by Deepa Mehta)
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