Death Of A Superhero  [2011]
DirectorIan FitzGibbon
CastThomas Brodie-Sangster, Sharon Horgan, Aisling Loftus, Michael McElhatton, Jessica Schwarz, Andy Serkis
Donald is 15 and dreams of girls, sex and crazy adventures. In his fantasy world, he creates an immortal superhero who fights against all evil. And in reality? Donald is falling in love with the school rebel while fighting against a terminal illness.
Director Ian Fitzgibbon mixes animation with live action in this tale that stars Thomas Brodie-Sangster as a teen with leukemia who prefers to escape into his own comic book fantasies than face his battles in the real world.
Based on the novel ‘Death of a Superhero’ by internationally acclaimed author Anthony McCarten, who also wrote the screenplay.
2011 Screening Schedule
Cineplex Yonge-Dundas
[map]   091017A7
Cineplex Yonge-Dundas
[map]   091115A9
Cineplex Yonge-Dundas
[map]   091713A7
“DEATH OF A SUPERHERO” (2011 feature film directed by Ian FitzGibbon)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:38 (98min)
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