Death For Sale  [2011]
DirectorFaouzi Bensaïdi
CastFehd Benchemsi, Fouad Labiad, Mouchcine Malzi, Iman Mechrafi, Nezha Rahil
Malik, Allal and Soufiane are three friends who live off pickpocketting in a town stuck between a hill and a large mountain, Tetouan. One day, they decide to change their destiny and rob the town’s largest jewellery store. But the reasons for the heist soon come to divide and pit them against each other.
Malik, 26, unemployed, is madly in love with Dounia, a prostitute at "La Passarella" nightclub. He takes part in the heist so that he can get her out of there.
Allal, 30, is a big and strong tough guy. He doesn’t understand why Malik is in love with Dounia. He takes part in the heist so that he can fry bigger fish in the drugs trade.
Soufiane, 18, is avoiding going to school except for sports. He is agile and quick with an easy laugh, dependable and easy-going but, one day, his world is turned upside down. He takes part in the heist so that he can kill the Christian owner of the boutique.
A town that is under a permanently low, heavy sky, three losers, a dream of grandeur, a jewellery store, and a woman who arrives in town.
After "www. What a wonderful world", a "playful" genre film, "Death for Sale" will continue exploring the same genre, moving towards the linearity of pure storytelling, seemingly head-on.But will the genre and its codes remain impervious to profound reality, to a changing world? Won’t the mere fact of strutting an intrigue, and characters, in streets that exude social tension and threatening extremists mean that, almost without wanting them to, the codes will be altered and the genre end up "contaminated"? Let’s hope so. Tetouan is where this story takes place. It’s a prideful, abandoned, wounded northern town in which violence and trafficking are present alongside an ever-increasing fanaticism. It’s the ideal location for a dark, violent film with a thread of warped humour.
2011 Screening Schedule
TIFF Bell Lightbox
[map]   091220B3
Cineplex Yonge-Dundas
[map]   091414A3
Scotiabank Theatre
[map]   091809F3

“DEATH FOR SALE” (2011 feature film directed by Faouzi Bensaïdi)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:57 (117min)
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