The Crow's Egg  [2014]
The Crow’s Egg, Kaakkaa Muttai
DirectorM. Manikandan
CastAishwarya Rajesh, Ramesh Thilaganathan, Vignesh Thilaganathan
In a Chennai slum, two young brothers set out to realize their dream: to get their first taste of pizza.
When a pizza parlour opens on their old playground, two carefree slum boys are consumed by the desire to taste this new-fangled dish. Realizing that one pizza costs more than their family’s monthly income, they begin to plot ways to earn more money —inadvertently beginning an adventure that will involve the entire city.
In his feature debut, M. Manikandan uses this simple tale to paint a vivid portrait of urban child poverty in South India. But it is one of hope and initiative rather than despair. These brothers see all the obstacles between them and their first slice as puzzles to be worked out, and they're more than up to the task.
2014 Screening Schedule
“THE CROW’S EGG” (2014 feature film directed by M. Manikandan)
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Runtime1:39 (99min)
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