A Cool Sound From Hell
DirectorSidney J. Furie
CastMel Benstock, George Carron, Alan Crofoot, Carolyn Dannibale, Madeline Kronby, Anthony Ray, Ron Taylor
A striking record of hipster Toronto in the 1950s, Sidney J. Furie’s long-thought-lost second feature follows a bored young man who kicks his middle-class destiny to the curb and plunges into the Hogtown netherworld of jazz, sex, and narcotics.
harlie, regarded by his friend as a square, meets Steve, a blonde Beatnik. The aimless Charlie becomes involved in a soul-crushing life of all-night parties, incomprehensible poetry and jazz. Charlie is caught obtaining heroin for Steve's idol, the Tenor Sax Man, but in spite of this and his discovery of Steve's criminal past, he offers to marry her. He again foolishly attempts to collect narcotics, being luckier this time in evading the police, who pounce on the dealer instead. However, he is beaten up the next day by the dope gang, who assume him to be an informer. Barely able to walk, Charlie returns to Steve, but finds her with Leo, the gang's leader, as she is "paying" him with sexual favors for the drug supply. He is unable to keep away for long, however, and eventually joins in a dangerous parachute-jumping escapade.
This is the second feature-length fiction film ever to be shot in Toronto.
Actor Anthony Ray is the son of director Nicholas Ray.
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“A COOL SOUND FROM HELL” (1959 feature film directed by Sidney J. Furie)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:12 (72min)
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