Concert: Closing Night Wrap-up Party  [2008]
Esthero, The Midway State, And Cadence Weapon
DirectorMatte Babel
CastEsthero, Midway State, Cadence Weapon
This year’s hottest ticket to the Toronto International Film Festival requires no ticket at all. The first Toronto International Film Festival Wrap Party kicks off on Saturday, September 13 at 8pm, at Yonge Dundas Square in the heart of downtown Toronto and is open to the public at no charge. This free public concert will feature some of Canada’s hottest new music talent, including: • Esthero: The Canadian pop superstar will kick off the free public concert at Yonge Dundas Square. • The Midway State: a Toronto-based band known for its blend of rock, piano and soulful vocals will perform second in the line up of Canadian music sensations. • Cadence Weapon: Edmonton born hip-hop artist will perform songs from the new album “After Party Babies.”
Matte Babel, Co-host of Much On Demand, and Host of Live @ Much specials will act as Host of the Wrap Party at Yonge Dundas Square. He will introduce the three bands listed above, along with other surprise guests.
Saturday, September 13 at 8pm
“CONCERT: CLOSING NIGHT WRAP-UP PARTY” (2008 feature film directed by Matte Babel)
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