The Cloud Capped Star
Meghe Dhaka Tara
DirectorRitwik Ghatak
CastAnil Chatterjee, Supriya Choudhury, Niranjan Ray
A young woman desperately struggles to keep her family out of poverty in this fiercely moving masterpiece by the great, perennially under-recognized Indian auteur Ritwik Ghatak.
"Meghe Dhaka Tara" tells the tragic story of the beautiful daughter of a middle-class refugee family from East Pakistan, living in the outskirts of Calcutta under modest circumstances. Neeta sacrifices everything for her family, including her personal happiness, her money, and her health, while her achievements are hardly ever recognized by the people around her.
2012 Screening Schedule
“THE CLOUD CAPPED STAR” (1960 feature film directed by Ritwik Ghatak)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime2:06 (126min)
****˝   Sover
****˝   IMDb
****   IMDb
***   Reehanmiah
**˝   IMDb
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