Site And Vision: Short And Experimental Film  [2010]
Ascents In February / Not Be Or… / On Thin Ice / Rauscht / Science Lab / Straitscaping / Waves
DirectorEytan Ipeker, Burcak Kaygun, Yoel Meranda, Belmin Soylemez
SEPTEMBER 12 will be presented along with 7 short films:
"ascents in february" Yoel Meranda, Turkey [World Premiere] An abstract, impish spot of light leads the camera onto Istanbul's streets.
"not be or…" Yoel Meranda, Turkey [World Premiere] This whiplash montage of Istanbul's urban imagery conveys a pure sense of speed and disorientation.
"On Thin Ice" Burcak Kaygun, Turkey [Canadian Premiere] A painterly composition explores movement and sound in the abstract, as skaters on a winter ice rink swirl round and round.
"rauscht" Yoel Meranda, Turkey [International Premiere] A politician's televised speech is utterly transformed into stunning abstraction.
"Science Lab" Eytan Ipeker, Turkey [International Premiere] This short is a visual compendium of experimental techniques, all uncannily mined from footage of the filmmaker’s piano keys.
"straitscaping" Yoel Meranda, Turkey [World Premiere] Yoel Meranda completely transforms brief footage of a ferry trip across the Bosphorus.
"Waves" Belmin Soylemez, Turkey [North American Premiere] This striking experimental documentary focuses on the boys and young men who jump into the Bosphorus to escape the city and the heat.

“SITE AND VISION: SHORT AND EXPERIMENTAL FILM” (2010 short films directed by Yoel Meranda, Burcak Kaygun, Eytan Ipeker, Belmin Soylemez)
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Runtime1:00 (60min)
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