The Christening  [2010]
DirectorMarcin Wrona
CastIwona Bielska, Krzysztof Czeczot, Andrzej Franczyk, Robert Jurczyga, Mikolaj Kalucki, Michal Koterski, Wojciech Zielinski
Michal has what he always dreamed of: a beautiful wife named Magda, a newborn son, his own firm. He chooses an old friend, Janek, to be the godfather of his child. This is just the beginning of Michal's plan, who asks his friend to take an interest in his wife... At the beginning the plan works out, but it becomes increasingly difficult for Michal to come to terms with it. Michal knows his deeply hidden past will inevitably come back to him, and Janek will have to make a decision, of which he will never forget the consequences.
“THE CHRISTENING” (2010 feature film directed by Marcin Wrona)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:26 (86min)
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