Children Of Sarajevo  [2012]
DirectorAida Begic
CastNikola Djuricko, Ismir Gagula, Bojan Navojec, Marija Pikic, Velibor Topic
Rahima, 23, and Nedim, 14, are orphans of the Bosnian war. They live in Sarajevo, a transitional society that has lost its moral compass, including in its treatment of the children of those who were killed fighting for the freedom of their city. After crime-prone adolescent years, Rahima has found comfort in Islam and she hopes her brother will follow in her footsteps. Everything becomes more difficult the day Nedim gets into a fistfight at school with the son of a local strongman. The incident triggers a chain of events leading Rahima to discover that her young brother leads a double life.
2012 Screening Schedule
“CHILDREN OF SARAJEVO” (2012 feature film directed by Aida Begic)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:30 (90min)
CountryBosnia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Herzegovina
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