The Burning Plain  [2008]
DirectorGuillermo Arriaga
CastKim Basinger, Charlize Theron
Guillermo Arriaga’s directorial debut, a romantic mystery about a one woman’s emotional journey to uncover the secret of a past love. Theron plays Sylvia, a beautiful restaurant manager whose cool demeanor masks the sexually charged storm within. When a stranger confronts her with her mysterious past, Sylvia is launched into a journey through space and time that inextricably connects her to three disparate characters, all grappling with their own romantic destinies. Basinger stars as the housewife whose affair puts them all on a collision course with the explosive power of forbidden love.
2008 Screening Schedule
Scotiabank Theatre
[map]   0709F2
“THE BURNING PLAIN” (2008 feature film directed by Guillermo Arriaga)
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