The Bright Day  [2012]
DirectorMohit Takalkar
CastMohan Agashe, Radhika Apte, Robin Das, Rajit Kapur, Rakhi Kumari, Kelly Marie Miller, Ajit Singh Palawat, Shernaz Patel, Devraya Potdar, Sarang Sathaye
Yearning for meaning in his life, a coddled young man abandons his girlfriend and family to set out on a spiritual quest across India. Shot with sophisticated DSLR cameras and reflecting a new passion for personal filmmaking, The Bright Day finds images to chart a soul’s progress.
Shiv, with a supportive family, a close group of friends and a normal life in all respects, sets out on a journey to discover what he seeks in the outside world, not knowing when, if at all, he will return. He is searching for something but isn't sure what exactly he seeks. Experiencing a whole new life is simultaneously frightening, exhilarating and intense as he ventures out, completely vulnerable, on a journey that takes him through diverse landscapes of life arid, vast, claustrophobic, open, abundant. He faces insecurity, enjoys adventure and freedom and learns about different philosophies. A trembling mind has set out on a journey into the unknown towards light. Its own light.
2012 Screening Schedule
“THE BRIGHT DAY” (2012 feature film directed by Mohit Takalkar)
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Runtime1:34 (94min)
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