Bobo  [2013]
DirectorInês Oliveira
CastRicardo Aibéo, Paula Garcia, Bia Gomes, Aissato Indjai, Maria João Luís, Luana Quadé, Ângelo Torres
Sofia lives a strangely isolated life in the old apartment where she grew up in Lisbon. Mariama arrives from Guinea-Bissau, having been hired by Sofia’s mother to help take care of the house and her son. The appearance of Bobô, Mariama’s younger sister, awakens in Sofia the desire to take a stand. The forced cohabitation between Sofia and Mariama forces them to confront their own private ghosts.
In Lisbon, two women from different worlds — a privileged architectural illustrator and a cheerful housekeeper from the city’s Guinean community — join together to save a young Guinean girl from ritual genital mutilation, in this sensitive and intimate second feature from immensely talented Portuguese director Inês Oliveira.
2013 Screening Schedule
“BOBÔ” (2013 feature film directed by Inês Oliveira)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:20 (80min)
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