Bmx Channel And Midnight Traceur  [2013]
DirectorShaun Gladwell
Australian contemporary artist Shaun Gladwell’s work is linked to his interest in street and subculture, and his early participation in extreme sports.
In BMX Channel, a BMX rider practices — or performs — his skilful moves by a seaside pavilion in Sussex, England. As his solitary choreography stops and starts, the viewer’s attention is caught between the rider’s movement and his incongruous setting.
BMX Channel is presented in collaboration with The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen Street West. (Several earlier related works will screen nightly at Drake One Fifty, 150 York Street.)
Midnight Traceur follows a renowned practitioner of the urban art of Parkour as he propels himself through the urban landscape of Sydney at night. Alternating between a steadicam and wide shots, the film captures the agility and skill of the artist and highlights the uncanny beauty of his art.
Midnight Traceur is presented at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Exhibited daily, September 4 to 14.
“BMX CHANNEL AND MIDNIGHT TRACEUR” (2013 short films directed by Shaun Gladwell)
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