Big Muddy  [2014]
DirectorJefferson Moneo
CastHolly Deveaux, James Le Gros, David La Haye, Justin Kelly, Nadia Litz, Stephen McHattie, Rob van Meenen, Rossif Sutherland
Martha Barlow has a dark personal history she’d rather not remember and more skeletons in her closet than she’d care to admit. After her teenage son Andy becomes involved with seedy characters, Martha must face her violent past in order to secure her son’s future.
To do so, she must ward off a crazed racehorse owner, reconcile with her estranged family, and reunite with Andy’s dangerous and long forgotten father. Big Muddy is an outlaw tale played out as a modern-day murder ballad.
Release dateOctober 31, 2014
2014 Screening Schedule
“BIG MUDDY” (2014 feature film directed by Jefferson Moneo)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:44 (104min)
****   Nowtoronto
**˝   Theglobeandmail
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