Better Things  [2008]
DirectorDuane Hopkins
CastTara Ballard, Che Corr, Patricia Loveland, Liam McIlfatrick, Rachel McIntyre, Megan Palmer, Kurt Taylor
Deeply inflected by the UK's visual arts scene, Duane Hopkins's feature debut focuses on three groups of characters: Gail, who must overcome agoraphobia and an addiction to romance novels; Rob, coming to terms with the loss of his girlfriend; and the Gladwins, who, following years of unspoken truths that have built a barrier between them, are going through a shift in their 60-year relationship.
2008 Screening Schedule
Scotiabank Theatre
[map]   1012F3
“BETTER THINGS” (2008 feature film directed by Duane Hopkins)
Audience buzzZZ---
CountryGermany, United Kingdom
****˝   IMDb
****   ShadowsOnTheWall
***   EyeWeekly
***   IMDb
***   Variety
**˝   EternalSunshine
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