Beast  [2015]
DirectorSam McKeith, Tom McKeith
CastAngeli Bayani, Garret Dillahunt, Wyzel Myo Indonto, Will Jaymes, Chad McKinney
Deep in the slums of Manila, a young boxer's life is changed forever when his father pressures him to cheat in a fight.
After accidentally killing his opponent in a crooked fight, a young Filipino-American boxer is forced to go on the run through the teeming streets of Manila.
Tipping its stylistic hat to gritty cult classics such as Nicolas Winding Refn's Pusher trilogy, and delving deep into Jaime's ethical conundrum even as it takes us on a tour of the rarely-shown-on-screen Manilan underworld, Beast breathes new life into the boxing-film genre.
2015 Screening Schedule
“BEAST” (2015 feature film directed by Tom McKeith, Sam McKeith)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:34 (94min)
LanguageFilipino, Tagalog
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