Bayan Ko: My Own Country  [1984]
Bayan Ko, Kapit Sa Patalim
DirectorLino Brocka
CastGino Alajar, Paquito Diaz, Phillip Salvador, Claudia Zobel
In 1981, Joan Dupont did an exclusive interview for Le Monde with director Lino Brocka in Manila, the Philippines, thanks to assistance from his best friend, David Overbey. In memory of Overbey, Dupont presents My Own Country (Bayan Ko) (1984) an uncompromising look at contemporary Filipino society. The film was considered so controversial that the Philippine government attempted to ban the film upon its completion. It tells the story of young printer Turing, whose life is a series of rapidly diminishing options. With a sick pregnant wife and a strike at his factory, Turing is eventually lured into a life of crime. Never afraid to criticize the ruling power in the Philippines, Brocka helped bring international attention to the struggles of the poor and marginalized in his home country through his acclaimed body of work.
Presented by Joan Dupont
2008 Screening Schedule
“BAYAN KO: MY OWN COUNTRY” (1984 feature film directed by Lino Brocka)
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