Bastardo  [2013]
DirectorNejib Belkadhi
CastChedly Arfaoui, Cho, Abdel Moneem Chouayat, Lobna Noomana, Lobna Noomene
Larger-than-life characters populate director Nejib Belkadhi’s spellbinding combination of film noir and magic realism, which follows a downtrodden orphan — now grown but still saddled with a cruel nickname — who has a reversal of fortune and takes on the thugs who control his ghetto.
Mohsen (Abdel Moneem Chouayat), has always lived with the stigma of being a bastard and saddled with the nickname Bastardo, but when a GSM relay is installed on his roof, he has a reversal of fortune. As his power grows, he has to wrest control over his poor neighbourhood from Larnouba (Chedly Arfaoui), the unscrupulous local mobster — and, in the process, slips into the dark world of power.
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“BASTARDO” (2013 feature film directed by Nejib Belkadhi)
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Runtime1:46 (106min)
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