Barrymore  [2011]
DirectorErik Canuel
CastChristopher Plummer, John Plumpis
Barrymore brings Christopher Plummer’s Tony Award-winning tour-de-force stage performance to the screen in this film version of the Broadway hit adapted and directed by Erik Canuel.
Acknowledged as one of the greatest actors in the world, Plummer took on the mammoth task of portraying legendary actor John Barrymore as he struggles with inner demons and the result is a breathtaking performance.
Playwright William Luce’s Barrymore opened at the Stratford Festival in 1996 before moving to Broadway, where Plummer won the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor.
In an on-stage conversation following the film, Plummer will address the full span of his remarkable career.
“BARRYMORE” (2011 feature film directed by Erik Canuel)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:23 (83min)
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