Baba Joon  [2015]
DirectorYuval Delshad
CastAsher Avrahami, Fariborz David Diaan, Rafael Faraj Elliasi, Navid Negahban, Viss Elliot Safavi
Chronicling the burgeoning conflict between father and son in a hard-working Iranian-Israeli family, Yuval Delshad’s fiction-feature debut is both a fascinating glimpse into a distinctive immigrant experience and a universal story of inter­gen­er­a­tional tension.
Set in northern Israel, the film tells the story of three generations of strong-willed men: Baba Joon, the patriarch who emigrated to Israel from Persia years ago; his son Yitzhak who maintains the family farm; and young Moti, who doesn't feel beholden to Baba Joon or his father for anything
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“BABA JOON” (2015 feature film directed by Yuval Delshad)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:31 (91min)
LanguageFarsi, Hebrew
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