The Attack  [2012]
DirectorZiad Doueiri
CastReymond Amsalem, Evgenia Dodena, Ali Suliman
An Arab surgeon living in Tel Aviv discovers a dark secret about his wife in the aftermath of a suicide bombing. Based on a novel by Yasmina Khadra.
The novel is based on an Arab surgeon in Tel Aviv who learns a devastating secret about his wife's involvement in a suicide bombing. The project, produced by John Wells, is based on the book by Yasmina Khadra. Khadra is the pseudonym for Mohammed Moulessehoul, a former Algerian army officer who adopted a woman's pen name to avoid military censorship.
2012 Screening Schedule
“THE ATTACK” (2012 feature film directed by Ziad Doueiri)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:42 (102min)
LanguageArabic, Hebrew
CountryBelgium, France, Lebanon, Qatar
Wildbunch (official)
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