Asphalt Watches  [2013]
DirectorShayne Ehman, Seth Scriver
CastMarc Bell, Mike Constable, Shayne Ehman, Gregor Gordon, Amy Lockhart, Jodie Mason, Ian McGettigan, Seth Scriver, Charlie Shaugnessy, Erin Zimerman
Asphalt Watches is a true story. It is a feature-length animation based on a real-life hitchhiking trip taken by the two directors, Shayne Ehman and Seth Scriver in the year 2000. The film details the hilarious and amazing journey of Bucktooth Cloud and Skeleton Hat as they travel eastward across Canada.
This hilarious, grotesque, and unique adult animated feature chronicles visual artists Seth Scriver and Shayne Ehman’s trans-Canadian road trip as they encounter dull violence, rampant consumerism and unbridled eccentricity in small towns all over this wide, weird country.
2013 Screening Schedule

“ASPHALT WATCHES” (2013 feature film directed by Seth Scriver, Shayne Ehman)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:34 (94min)
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