Al Purdy Was Here  [2015]
DirectorBrian D. Johnson
CastMargaret Atwood, Joseph Boyden, Bruce Cockburn, Leonard Cohen, Sarah Harmer, Katherine Leyton, Michael Ondaatje, Eurithe Purdy, Tanya Tagaq
By turns elegiac and celebratory, this documentary tribute to the late, great Canadian poet Al Purdy features readings, reminiscences and performances from some of the greatest names in Canadian letters and music.
Al Purdy was Canada’s unofficial poet laureate, though he admits he didn't write a good poem until he was 40. He found his voice in an A-Frame cabin he built in Ontario's Prince Edward County. Canada’s leading musicians and artists from Bruce Cockburn and Sarah Harmer to Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje come together to tell his story and celebrate his poetry.
[Both a film and an album are part of a fundraising drive to restore the Canadian poet's A-frame house as a writing retreat.]
2015 Screening Schedule

“AL PURDY WAS HERE” (2015 feature film directed by Brian D. Johnson)
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Runtime1:32 (92min)
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