The Adjuster  [1991]
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DirectorAtom Egoyan
CastMaury Chaykin, Jennifer Dale, Arsinée Khanjian, Elias Koteas, Don McKellar
Atom Egoyan’s The Adjuster is one of the filmmaker’s most acclaimed works, and remains one of the most significant contributions to what became known as the Toronto New Wave. The film focuses on Noah, an insurance adjuster (Elias Koteas) with a truly unique approach to his job, a very strange family (including a wife who works as a film censor and a sister-in-law who is addicted to the pornographic tapes Noah’s wife brings home) and a perverse couple who stage elaborate sexual fantasies and draw Noah and his family into their web. A stylized and twisted tale of alienation and obsession, The Adjuster was named one of the best Canadian films of all time in a 1994 poll conducted by TIFF. The organization is also co-publishing a monograph on the film in collaboration with the University of Toronto Press, written by Tom McSorley. Tom is the executive director of the Canadian Film Institute, a sessional lecturer in Film Studies at Carleton University, film critic for CBC Radio One’s Ottawa Morning and a contributing editor at POV Magazine. The book traces the genesis, production and reception of Egoyan’s fourth feature film, placing it in the larger context of Canadian cinema history.
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“THE ADJUSTER” (1991 feature film directed by Atom Egoyan)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:42 (102min)
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