88:88 Preceded By May We Sleep Soundly  [2015]
Que Nous Nous Assoupissions
DirectorDenis Côté, Isiah Medina
CastErik Berg, Eliza Bronte, Avery Medina, Myles Taylor, Anne Valencia
The debut feature by digital cinema incendiary Isiah Medina is preceded by Canadian auteur Denis Côté’s first short film in nearly a decade.
A digital cinema incendiary, Isiah Medina’s anticipated feature debut explodes with ideas about time, love, knowledge, poverty, and poetry, all erupting within a densely layered montage that is formally rigorous and emotionally raw.
88:88 (or --:--) is what appears when bills are paid after the electricity has been abruptly cut off, demonstrating that people who live in poverty live in suspended time. [65 minutes]
Preceded by Denis Côté’s short film May We Sleep Soundly.
In internationally acclaimed Canadian auteur Denis Côté’s first short film in nearly a decade, an unseen presence traverses a snowy landscape and enters a series of tony winter homes, in which slumbering occupants go eerily undisturbed. [14 minutes]
2015 Screening Schedule

“88:88 PRECEDED BY MAY WE SLEEP SOUNDLY” (2015 presentation)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:19 (79min)
LanguageEnglish, French
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