3000 Nights  [2015]
3000 Layla
DirectorMai Masri
CastRaida Adon, Maisa Abd Elhadi, Abir Haddad, Nadera Omran, Rakeen Saad, Karim Saleh
Railroaded into an Israeli prison on a terrorism charge, a young Palestinian woman discovers that she is pregnant just as a group of her fellow inmates launch a revolt against the prison administration.
After Layal, a newlywed Palestinian schoolteacher gives birth to a baby boy in an Israeli prison, the chief warden threatens to take her baby away unless she agrees to spy on the other prisoners who are planning a major strike. 3000 Nights makes a prison into a metaphor for Palestine under occupation, exploring the complicated interplay of resilience, empathy, and psychological manipulation between women. Layal fights to survive and maintain hope.
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“3000 NIGHTS” (2015 feature film directed by Mai Masri)
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Runtime1:43 (103min)
CountryJordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar, United Arab Emirates
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